In Fine Fettle ClinicLocated in Pakenham, Victoria, In Fine Fettle became the first full-time dedicated massage clinic in the area when its doors opened for business on 4th May 2002.

Pakenham Natural Therapies Centre was added to the business name to encompass all aspects of the clinic. It informs the community that more than just massage therapies are offered, including naturopathy & complementary therapies.  Our aim is to help people in a variety of ways using therapies which complement each other for greater health & wellbeing.

Our Mission Statement 

In Fine Fettle aims to work with all types 
of people to create greater well-being 
within our community.

To establish an intimate relationship 
with people through the lost art of touch, combined with true caring, honesty & integrity.  The self awareness & greater vitality achieved will encourage 
re-discovery of the interconnection 
between the body, mind & spirit.

 In Fine Fettle will convey a high 
standard of technique, ethical & 
hygienic professionalism which should be 
considered as standard practice.  Thus contributing to create surroundings & atmosphere conducive to a positive & personal experience for every client.