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Cert. Relaxation Massage 1994
 | Cert. Remedial Massage 1997
 | Diploma Remedial Massage 2005
 | Member:  AMTA  No. 10077

I was introduced to massage in 1991 when commencing studies of Naturopathy at the Southern School of Natural Therapies.  In 1994 I began to establish my own business of mobile massage named Therapeutics for Body & Soul.

In 1996 I began working part time at a Naturopathic and Osteopathic clinic while still continuing with my own business.   In 1999 I moved to a clinic in Berwick where I met Cristy. I continued developing Therapeutics for Body & Soul by introducing hospital work, specialising in new mums.  It was probably in 2000 that our dream of opening our own clinic began and this took 2 years to come to fruition.  Since then I have focused on my work with In Fine Fettle and I continue to be involved with the South Eastern Private Hospital.





Cert. IV Massage Therapy 1998 | Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) 2002 | Member:  ANTA   No. 4126

I have been working as a remedial massage therapist since 1999.  I was based in a Berwick clinic for three years until the commencement of In Fine Fettle in 2002, where naturopathy was added to my regime.

Clinical experience has allowed me to develop a holistic approach to treating clients.  In particular looking for a cause rather than a band-aid effect.  For example, lower back pain may actually be indicating the need for orthotics.  If a foot is not working appropriately then the body structure will be compensating and out of balance.

The therapists at In Fine Fettle have a sound local knowledge of other holistic practitioners and will happily refer clients if necessary.





I have always had a passion for remedial massage, seeing from a young age the incredible effects in both myself and others. At college I specialised in remedial massage, particularly Trigger Point Therapy, which is the main component of my treatments today. I always concentrate on treating the root of the problem, rather than merely the symptoms. I was also trained in relaxation massage at a wonderful day spa. Constantly expanding my knowledge of my profession allows me to treat a wide variety of clients and keeps me well informed of new treatments and studies. I look forward to working with you.